Indoor Herb Garden Kits

Yellow ContainersAlthough Indoor Herb Gardening is much simpler than you’d expect, some people just don’t have the time or they’re not the type of person who enjoys getting their hands dirty!

Much like the popular container gardening options, there are also a variety of ways to grow herbs using simple gardening kits for green thumb beginners.

Gardening kits are perfect for the indoors as they take care of essential things like sunlight, soil and water with little effort.

Also some of the kits allow you to grow fresh herbs all year round! Kit options range from futuristic space age designs to more rustic varieties.

Regardless of which herb garden kit you choose, you can be assured that growing indoor herbs will be easier than ever so let’s look at these options in more detail.


There’s no bigger name in the world of indoor gardening than with Aerogarden! With prices as low as $60 up to $430, there is a model for nearly any type of grower.

Plus the Aerogarden products are the most futuristically designed, technology packed, and simplest to use out of all our garden kit options.

Growing herbs using these space age hydroponic devices couldn’t be any easier. You simply purchase the seed pods of your choice, use the included fertilizer, and add water when the Aerogarden reminds you through simple displays.

Sunlight is also a thing of the past as the products are built with LED lights that give just the right amount of light to ensure a healthy collection of herbs anytime of the year. And when you’re done with your harvest, simply follow the same steps to grow more without having to guess if they’ll grow or not.

Aerogarden is the perfect choice for absolute beginners who want to be successful in growing herbs indoors without spending too much money or time.

Stackable Self-Watering Planter Sets

Just like tall buildings, you can build up to produce more without taking up more space. Instead of having one or more separate herb containers, these vertical planter sets combine multiple containers into a single tall one.

This setup allows you to grow more herbs (usually 12 or more plants) all within the same amount of space in one efficient container.

Also the self-watering design allows you to just water the top pot to grow the remaining plants in the containers below. This design removes the tedious process of watering multiple containers in one simple place.

Sunlight and soil maintenance is still needed, but now it’s all in one vertical container in a single spot instead of multiple containers spread out all over.

Metal Garden Cans

When you think about metal cans you’re probably not thinking about gardening, but all in one gardens in a can are real.

Not only do they give a old town feel, but these all in one kits are super easy to use.

Buying a garden in a can gives you everything that you need from the seeds, fertilizer, soil, drainage, and even moisture control technology all in one can starting at super affordable prices as low as $3.

You just have to add water and sunlight then watch your plants grow in these old fashioned metallic containers. Plus if you’re really into interior design, then these herbal cans will give your home a unique yet classic look while still giving you fresh cilantro to clip.

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